Sex Geek.

There’s always been something inside of me that has wanted to be a sex educator, I didn’t necessarily think it was a viable career path at least in terms of providing me with the lifestyle I want but I didn’t see anything wrong with dabbling. I consider myself a geek in many aspects of my life, and sex is no different. A lot of adults will be dismissive about sexual education either because they’re ashamed, convinced they know better or a myriad of other reasons which is why I think it’s so important to have comfortable sex education.  Sex education is so much more than condoms, lube, and fallopian tubes, it’s a vast subject that covers all sorts of shades of sexuality that vary as much as one person does from the next. The internet, primarily tumblr in my  opinion (aaaand maybe Fetlife even a little bit as well as mediations trying to be edgier and edgier),  in the past ten years has done a TON to help destigmatize sex and sex adjacent topics, and I think this is great. Everyone should be fucking in ways that are pleasurable to them and their partner and the best way to achieve is this goal is through honest and open communication. 

One of my favorite topics of conversation is human sexuality, now this doesn’t mean that I wan’t an email box full of reject Penthouse Letters (I absolutely do not, but if you subscribe to my onlyfans we can gladly discuss the subject there, perhaps with visuals), but I do get enthralled talking about the many facets and alleyways of human sexuality. It’s fun to me because we are all so different, in terms of experience, in terms of taste, and in our reality, it can really be the “final frontier” in terms of fantasy that is actually attainable. 

So please, next time we meet up, let’s take a minute to chat beforehand ;)